Sunday and all is well

I think maybe the spectacular weather today acted like a hallucinogen on Mister Arthur’s old bean. Despite the poverty, abandonment, ruins, burned down houses, weeds, broken glass, giant (and growing!) potholes etc., etc., I was in a very good mood – and actually saw some nice things.  First, a little glimpse of the townhomes designed by Mies Van Der Rohe – really ultra cool modern living in the heart of the hood. Toby Barlow wrote about his place in the New York Times, and Keira Alexander’s place was featured on the January cover of Dwell magazine.  Here’s a lousy shot of some of them. If I were single, I’d live in one of these in a heartbeat.

img_0453Mies Van Der Rohe-designed Townhouse

Detroit actually looked almost like a real city this morning, as there were live human beings gathering together to watch the Tigers play the Cleveland Indians. See? A “crowd” of people!

img_0457Detroit – Now with People!

Detroit is famous (or infamous) for its statue of Joe Louis’ fist.  I like it, though it appears to frighten out-of-towners.  It is less famous for this sculpture thing, which, until today, I had assumed to be a salute to the Carp, the fish that defines the Detroit River and adjacent Lake St Clair.

img_0456Fish Sculpture?

It turns out it’s The Millennium Bell. I’ve never heard it being rung, so I stepped under it and struck the hanging-down bit with my knuckles.  It does ring.  In my book, though, it makes a better fish tribute.

I also rode by this lovely building, which, despite its exterior attractiveness, appears to be unleased.  That’s too bad.

img_0458Beautiful Building, No Tenants.

An amiable fellow who looked as if he lives on the street across from it told me it’s being torn down. “To make room,” he said.  “For what?”, I asked, as there was nothing that appeared to be headed in its direction. “Room for nothing”, he said, “It’s those idiots on the City Council.”  Ah, Detroit, when will be bad juju be gone?