Wistful Thinking

Rapha is a British Company that makes very very nice “Roadwear” clothing. Given the current valuelessness of the US Dollar, everything is eerily expensive. Even their very very nice “t” shirts:  (Hint: a perfect gift for a cyclist you know). This one’s graphic is of the spectrogram of EPO (a favorite Tour France-style athletic enhancement drug).

Rapha Fixed T Shirt

Rapha has recently embarked on an interesting project – Rapha Continental Bikes  – made not in one factory, but by independent super-high-quality independent frame builders like Richard Sachs, Circle A Cycles, and Chris Igleheart. (There are more frame builders you can discover by following the Rapha links above).

Here’s a photo of the Circle A edition.

Rapha Continental (Circle A Cycles Version)

Boy, these are beautiful bikes, and perfect for someone who doesn’t feel like riding a phony-I’m-a-professional-bike-racer-soulless-carbon-fiber framed unit. 

Wouldn’t this bike look nice on the TDH?

(Now all I need to do is find a photo of me looking wistful).