Bike Nerd Alert

I’ve written about Rapha cycling togs before. They make really excellent gear, and it’s very stylish. It’s also quite expensive. They love road cycling, and recently commissioned Ridley Scott Films to make some short films. In particular, the’ve made one about Dario Pegoretti, maker of my Marcello road bike. (The Tour De Hood cycle of choice is my cheap Bianchi single-speed/fixie) He loves steel frames. Here’s the trailer for the film. Check it out at this link


Wistful Thinking

Rapha is a British Company that makes very very nice “Roadwear” clothing. Given the current valuelessness of the US Dollar, everything is eerily expensive. Even their very very nice “t” shirts:  (Hint: a perfect gift for a cyclist you know). This one’s graphic is of the spectrogram of EPO (a favorite Tour France-style athletic enhancement drug).

Rapha Fixed T Shirt

Rapha has recently embarked on an interesting project – Rapha Continental Bikes  – made not in one factory, but by independent super-high-quality independent frame builders like Richard Sachs, Circle A Cycles, and Chris Igleheart. (There are more frame builders you can discover by following the Rapha links above).

Here’s a photo of the Circle A edition.

Rapha Continental (Circle A Cycles Version)

Boy, these are beautiful bikes, and perfect for someone who doesn’t feel like riding a phony-I’m-a-professional-bike-racer-soulless-carbon-fiber framed unit. 

Wouldn’t this bike look nice on the TDH?

(Now all I need to do is find a photo of me looking wistful).