Support Cycling in Detroit

The Bureau of Urban Living is fabulous store on Canfield and Cass (just off the TDH Route, a block North of the Avalon International Bakery) that sells home goods and gifts. They’ve got a nifty selection of stuff you won’t find everywhere.

More to the point, the First Thursday of every month, they donate 10% of their proceeds to a worthy cause. On August 7, they’re trying to help make Detroit a more bike-friendly city by helping Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, the organization behind the Riverwalk, and, I believe, the Rails to Trails I’ve written about in earlier posts.

The BOUL is open late on First Thursdays, so you have no excuse not to show up. You’re bound to find something you’ll like, and support a great organization, too.


Tour de hood rider count triples

I had two fellow travelers on the TDH today. FIrst, Mr. X, who hasn’t yet fully approved his photograph. (He’s not normally pixillated). Here he is enjoying the Heidelberg project.

Next, Corey, who’s a friend of Mr. X. He looks much better in person. I took the photo with Mrs. misterarthur’s mobile phone, and I couldn’t see the ‘viewfinder’, as it was too sunny. Here he is enjoying the Heidelberg project.

Sorry about the miserable snap. On Corey’s suggestion we diverted from the route to ride along the Riverwalk, where we passed a building I’ve always liked. It belongs to the US Coast Guard.

I had invited more people from the office, but everyone, including Jason the IA genius and that YGTBKM person, wussed out failed to show. (Jason had a good excuse because he had to fix his leaky roof and pose around in his new car. YGTBKM had one, too but that would’ve made for a pretty dull paragraph, no?)

Mr. X and Corey were as stunned as I have been by the downtown rails-to-trails project (see post below). I am simply unable to find much information about the project. The link over there appears to be at least tangentially related to it. It’s a wonderful thing; I wish it had more publicity.

Saturday on the TDH – Rail-to-Trail update

I brought my wife’s mobile on the TDH on Saturday, because I felt I owed it to my loyal reader to show some photos of the not-quite completed Detroit RTT.
Here’s the landscaping I wrote about last week.

I know it doesn’t look like much yet, but it will by next spring.

I rode to the ‘end’ of the trail – which turns out to be at Gratiot. (It looks like they’re planning on lengthening it).

The path is lovely (I like new asphalt)

The real attraction is the tagging. I have a sneaky feeling (having seen some evidence to support this assertion) that the City is going to try to get rid of the graffiti. So enjoy these snaps before they’re power washed away.

“Murder City”

“Dead Krak Head”

“Priz oTb”

“Eat it while it (sic.) hot!”



Anyway, if you want to check out the tags, I suggest you try and get down to the path ere long.

Well, slap me with a fish and call me a salmon ladder.

I have no idea what that means. It also has nothing to do with what I am going to write next. This morning on the tour, I crossed the former railroad tracks near 1300 Lafayette. Lo and behold, the promised rail-to-trail route is actually near opening. I sneaked over the fence for a quick preview.

I can’t find anything online about it, so forgive me if this is old news. Anyway, it’s lovely. The part I saw is so unlike Detroit, I was stunned. New pavement, lights, landscaping, for God’s sake. Three lanes.

Well, it still has some Detroit-ish features. The railroad tracks have been abandoned for some time, the bridges over the trail are shedding concrete, and every bridge has graffiti all over it. There also seems to be a running battle between FEIS and MARM as to who’s the king tagger. I’d call it a draw. And one graffito says “Dead Crack Head”. I don’t know if that’s an observation, an obituary, or a warning. You’ll have to go see and decide for yourself. I’ll get some photos next week.