Bicycle Racing Nomenclature makes it into a NY Times editorial

From Maureen Dowd’s column, 9/25/2011: “In a flash, Rick Perry has gone from Republican front-runner to cycling domestique, riding in front of the pack and taking all the wind — or in this case, hot air — to allow the team leader to pedal in the slipstream.”

I’m guessing Hillary won’t be showing up for a Tour of the Hood

Well, since the towel she’s throwing in seems certain (she could always freak out at the convention), she can now turn her attention away from national issues like our crumbling infrastructure. (I’m going to post a series of exciting photos of crumbling curbs and street lamps soon).  So I can pretty much be sure she won’t be riding down Kercheval any time soon. Her loss. Our gain.

Dear Senator McCain…

Pretty pathetic speech last night, grandad. You are an honorable, distinguished American. But instead of attacking Barack for not going to Iraq, why don’t you join me on a bicycle ride in Detroit? This is our country, Senator, you need to be a part of it. We need progress here, too. (A couple of million dollars diverted here wouldn’t hurt, either.)