It was Super Old Skool Saturday on the TDH. One of my regular tires, a Schwalbe Marathon Slick, sprang a leak Friday night, and was flat Saturday morning. These tires are normally bullet proof, but something slashed the sidewall.

So I put on my 30 year old Campagnolo Record Low Flange Hubbed, Mavic Monthlery rimmed, tubular tire equipped speed demon of yore wheels. Back then, clinchers were heavy and you couldn’t put a lot of pressure into them. (No more, of course).

These were state of the art back in the day, and professional bike racers (ooh!) still use that kind of tire. They’re very high pressure (max 170 lbs/sq.in!) but not fixable on the road if you get a flat. So you’re supposed to carry a spare tire (note: not a tube or patch kit) with you. I didn’t, which meant that if I got a flat, I’d be walking home.

All worked out great. (And I remembered why I liked riding on tubulars so much).

All I needed to be period-correct were a pair of crochet back gloves. (Which I’ve found online and which will be arriving this week).