Nitwits on the TDH

I’m back from vacation (it would’ve been a long one) and a meniscus injury. (The fancy way of saying kneecap and the various body thingies that keep it in place.)

It was a lovely day on the TDH today, marred only by a parade of nitwits.
First, the ‘professional’ sign painter who can’t spell:

Next, the Obama/Biden counter rally by a dedicated “group” of McCain yo yos:

They all looked sheepish so I piled on, taunting them by saying I could see Canada from here, so perhaps I’m qualified to be the next Secretary of State.

FInally, (sorry, no photo) whilst riding down Woodward (near where I took the avaliable sign photo) a young woman was accosted by a normal-looking man who offered her $50 if he could “suck her toes”. She declined.