Tour de hood rider count triples

I had two fellow travelers on the TDH today. FIrst, Mr. X, who hasn’t yet fully approved his photograph. (He’s not normally pixillated). Here he is enjoying the Heidelberg project.

Next, Corey, who’s a friend of Mr. X. He looks much better in person. I took the photo with Mrs. misterarthur’s mobile phone, and I couldn’t see the ‘viewfinder’, as it was too sunny. Here he is enjoying the Heidelberg project.

Sorry about the miserable snap. On Corey’s suggestion we diverted from the route to ride along the Riverwalk, where we passed a building I’ve always liked. It belongs to the US Coast Guard.

I had invited more people from the office, but everyone, including Jason the IA genius and that YGTBKM person, wussed out failed to show. (Jason had a good excuse because he had to fix his leaky roof and pose around in his new car. YGTBKM had one, too but that would’ve made for a pretty dull paragraph, no?)

Mr. X and Corey were as stunned as I have been by the downtown rails-to-trails project (see post below). I am simply unable to find much information about the project. The link over there appears to be at least tangentially related to it. It’s a wonderful thing; I wish it had more publicity.