Five Minute Freak Out

I had an unsettling experience on the TDH this morning. I had stopped at Good Girls go to Paris for what is becoming a habit on my rides, a banana-and-Nutella crepe and a cup of coffee. (That particular option is called a “Good Girl” on the menu, but it seems kind of odd for me to ask for a good girl. It turns out the young woman I asked for my crepe is  the daughter of someone I went to high school with.

That, clearly is not the freak out bit. This is:  (I just removed the photo. Seemed unduly invasive of the poor man’s privacy)

I was walking down an alley near GGgtP whilst devouring my crepe, and saw some feet sticking up. Upon approaching him, I freaked out because he was so still. I was convinced he had passed away. Anyway, I leaned over as close as I could to him and noticed he was breathing. (Very shallowly). So that’s good. Anyway, I was pretty rattled by it.

Other things were a bit cheerier. It was a beautiful day, even though Wunderground had predicted Southerly or Southeasterly winds, which would have meant a tailwind all the way home. That did not turn out to be the case.

The former Panther Club, on Kercheval betwixt Algonquin and Connor, has a new name and owner. It is now called Jimmy’s (or Jimmies, depending on which sign you read) Lounge, and promises the “Best Burger in Town”.  Except on Sundays, it would appear, as it was closed.

img_0442Jimmies (or Jimmy’s) Lounge

I also noticed a rusty chassis with an equally rusty “Power Dome” straight-six motor, which must’ve originally come from a Hudson of some kind.  (Oddly, if you Google powerdome straight six, you get a lot of BMW hits.  I think it’s safe to say this is not a BMW motor.)

img_0437The Mighty Power Dome

I also saw a shoe.

img_0439A shoe.

But that was it for today. The trees are just coming into flower here, I suspect I’ll get some prettier shots next week.