Back in the saddle again

Well, my ancient back has recovered from its annual spasmo-rama, and it finally stopped raining. Actually, it was a beautiful weekend on the TDH. (Not coincidentally, it’s the debut weekend of the TDF, too. There was no sign of the Caisse D’Epargne teams or Alejandro Valverde (fig. 1) in the Maillot Jaune, ‘though I did see some crackheads in hot pants (fig. 2) on Cass Avenue.)

fig 1. Alejandro Valverde (Current TDF leader)

fig 2. Prostitute Warning  (Not a feature of the TDH)

In other exciting TDH news, one of the world’s largest potholes (see earlier post & TDH Google Map) appears to have been “repaired”. The other one is still swallowing small vehicles. Two more nasty holes in the road have appeared on Kercheval near Lycaste. What they lack in circumference, they make up in depth. I’ll grab some photos next time I ride.

As for the TDF, I hope they can make it without another drug bust among the riders.

Thanks for reading.