Obscura Day Video

The people behind Atlas Obscura Day have released a video commemorating last April’s event. The Tour De Hood’s Detroit tour is featured prominently. Take a look here.  We had a great time. Thanks to the people at Atlas Obscura, and who knows, maybe we’ll do it again in 2012.

Shout out to Bikes & Murder

Thanks to Bikes & Murder for the shout-out to help promote the Obscura Day Tour De Hood. It’s an interesting site – go ahead and take a look. And join them at the Boll YMCA downtown for Bikes & Movies Night.

From the Bikes & Murder web site

Direct Link to Atlas Obscura Tour De Hood Page

All the information you need is here: Obscura Day.  It’s a direct link to the Tour De Hood “event”

Mark your calendar! Looking forward to seeing you!