Cast off the cobwebs. TDH, 2009 economic crash style.

It’s not as if the economy of Detroit had anything going for it last fall, but this spring, we’re adding the teetering of GM & Chrysler to the woes of Motown. Ah, well, winter is now officially over, and it’s back on the bike.

First, some good news. (Though part of the drama of the TDH is now removed). The world’s biggest pothole (see earlier posts) has been repaired. Now all that’s left is a good-sized regular pothole any city could claim as its own.


Not as impressive as it was last year.

I did, however, make a couple of interesting discoveries today. The first of which I’ve dubbed, “The Unidentified Lying Object”.  No clue what it is. If you have an idea, please let me know.


As I mentioned earlier, the economy on the TDH route shows no signs of improving.  In fact, I noticed a couple of burned out buildings that were more or less intact last fall.

Here’s a must-be-out-of-business pickup truck bed/company.  It’s a shame Nate went to so much trouble to advertise his services, only to fail.  Clearly he could multi-task.


This morning was pretty grey, and that may have affected my mood. Nothing was too uplifting on the east side today.  If you live in the vicinity, and are having problems with roaches and/or rats, here’s a number you can call for help. They guarantee their work.


I also noticed a sort of graffiti battle on a wall on the corner of Fischer and St. Paul.  On the top, representing the D, God.

On the bottom, either a salute to the Purple Gang (Detroit’s Jewish prohibition-era rum runners) or an anti-semitic slur, or just confusion. (Star of David, Killer G?)



Finally, most of you live in neighborhoods where houses are still inhabited and standing.  If you’d like to take a look at a house that has simply fallen down where it stood, here’s a sample from my ride this morning.


All the bits and pieces are there, I think. It just looks as if it gave up, and gravity took over.