Mark your calendar: April 9: Group Tour De Hood Ride/Atlas Obscura Day

People have been asking for a group Tour De Hood ride for a while. And the people at Atlas Obscura were kind enough to ask me if I’d host a ride to celebrate International Obscura Day, which takes place all over the world.

I said yes. And everyone’s invited.  We’re going to leave from the Grosse Pointe High Parking Lot, and see a lot of fun stuff.  You can read about the details here: Obscura Day.  If you don’t see the information, scroll down, or enter “Detroit”, and read all about it. (One of the stops will be at the Heidelberg Project, which is also a scheduled Obscura Day event.)

A $2.00 ticket price is suggested. So you know, any money collected will be donated to the Greening of Detroit.

It should be a lot of fun, it’ll be an easy ride, and I look forward to meeting you on the 9th of April!


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