Bike nerd post: Props to Velo Orange

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Annapolis on business, and took the opportunity to visit Velo Orange.  I just wanted to throw out some props on the purchases I made while I was there.

First, the Velo Orange Model 6 saddle. I’ve always wanted a Brooks Swift/Swallow-ish saddle for my fixie, and this was both priced right, and has some other nifty features you can read about here.

It was super comfortable straight out of the box and looks cool as hell. VO’s saddles are made for them by a bike nut who happens to own an office furniture company – so he knows from leather and seat construction.

voseatInstant comfort and street cred

I also purchased a pair of VO’s fixie wheels. There was nothing “wrong” with the wheelset that came on my Bianchi Pista, but I didn’t like the black finish, and the hubs were boring. VO’s wheels look much better, the hubs are beautifully finished, and the wheels are hand built with DT spokes. Best news: They’re perfect for Urban Cycling – particularly if your urban environment has less-than-perfect pavement, or, like Detroit, lots of potholes. I wanged into a Motown-sized pothole on Sunday at about 22 mph (I had a tailwind), and the front wheel took it in stride. Cool looks, durability – what else could you ask for?

vohubFront hub – rear’s a flip-flop

If you’re looking for some means of personalizing your bike, check out Velo Orange. I’m really pleased with the quality of their goods. (My wife’s new handlebar looks great, too, but that’s for another time.)


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