I saw an Immelman today

I took a short-ish ride today. (Had the day off of work to go to pick up my wife & son)  Along the way, I heard a jet flying at very low altitude. It was low and loud. Low and loud enough to set off car alarms. In one point, it was flying below the tree line. It was really weird.  It turned out to be a fighter jockey from Selfridge Air Force Base. I think he was practicing his moves for next weekend’s air show, because he was trying out some fancy moves, including an Immelman turn, which I’ve never seen performed before.

Here’s a really bad photo of him in the distance. (Look to the right of the telephone pole).

jetF – something or other above the hood

I passed a number of mystery green rectangles. One circled (rectangled?) some soon-to-be dead grass.

greensquare2Green around the green

Another surrounded nothing that made any immediate sense to me.  And just so you know, there were more. Some around trees with decorative cast-iron surrounds, some around cast-iron surrounds with no trees.

greensquare1Rectangle signifying something I can’t recognize

Slightly after passing these rectangles, I stopped to chat with some Detroit Water and Sewage fellas. The jet fighter mentioned above made another very low pass. I asked  if the sound had surprised them. One of them replied “We’re from Detroit. Nothing surprises us.” In a Good Samaritan way, I alerted them to the sinkhole I spotted a couple of weeks ago. They left to check it out. So better get down to E. Lafayette ‘twixt Townsend and Baldwin before it’s fixed.

Finally, I spotted a burned-out house that looks like it comes with its own grave site.  (The pic doesn’t show the depth of the hole next it).  You might think this hole is for a new basement, though I can’t figure out why you’d build a house right there when so much other empty space abounds. As for the house itself, I didn’t stick around long enough for its last rites.

housewithcemetaryAshes to Ashes, etc.

If it doesn’t rain too hard tomorrow morning, I’ll be sure to update the state of affairs in Detroit for your reading pleasure.


2 thoughts on “I saw an Immelman today

  1. I totally agree with the guy spraying the green paint. That square of dead grass would be much better as a rectangle of dead grass.

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