The return of Detroit’s Mounted Police

Nice news. I took a day off from work today – mostly to catch up on trying to make my yard less of an eyesore. Had to spin through the hood, though, as it was a beautiful day.  For those of you who missed it, Detroit’s own Toby Barlow had a piece in the New York Times on Sunday about biking in Motown.  Here’s the article, if you haven’t seen it yet. I think the only things that keep Detroit from being a cycle friendly city are a) Winter, and b) the complete and utter antipathy of Detroit motorists for bicyclists.

If you want to buy an abandoned small animal hospital, there’s one for sale on Kercheval.

small-animal____________ Small Animal Hospital

I took a little detour through the Detroit’s Eastern Market, and passed by this interesting mural. About-to-be-dead chicken (I think that’s what it is) dreaming of the Detroit Pistons. Don’t know why the pig ‘n’ cow don’t share the reverie.

ftoniDreams of another championship

By the way,  Ftoni is the # 1,095,198 ranked last name in the United States.

I’ve saved the best news for last. I saw a Detroit Officer on horseback this morning.  Our chief of police just got fired, but before he packed up his office, he re-instituted the Mounted Police. I’m glad they’re back. Here’s an officer patrolling the Dequindre cut.

mountedpolicemanOfficer on Patrol on Horseback

If you are happy the mounted police are back, too, here’s a suggestion:  Write the new Detroit Chief of Police, Warren Evans, and let him know that you support their return.  Click here for the address


4 thoughts on “The return of Detroit’s Mounted Police

  1. I don’t know why I am writing but my dear father was a Detroit Police officer & at one time he was on the mounted division. Sadly he had to give it up because he found out he was allergic to horses.
    He was a great, through & through Police Officer, I can remember well sitting at the dinner table & the stories he would tell of what he did “on the job”. After he retired he missed Police work so he went on to be a security guard at Mount Clemens General hospital.
    He’s been gone now for 15 years but I’m sure if there’s some place in the great beyond that needs Police assistance my Dad’s there to help & keep someone in line.

  2. My dad, jack holt was on mounted for many years…he is still alive and I remember the mounted in so many specail ways….call me, and I will pult you in touch. He is a few miles from me in middle Tn. Also a pic of him and Blackie on bethune is on my facebook…kathy holt taylor.

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