Where’s the heat?

We need a leap month. This is not July, even though it is, by the calendar. This morning felt like early June or September. Weird. I think we need a National Leap Month. I propose we repeat June until it feels like summer. Then proceed.   Enough of that: Let us go forth to the hood.

First up, the optimistically-named Happiness Market, which is not showing much happiness to the world these days.


Sadly, Happiness is no more

You’ll notice the dreary sky. It was windy, too.  Not the happiest of weather for our 4th of July weekend.

Once in downtown proper, I stumbled upon this amazing painting on a building across the street from Cliff Bell’s.



At first, I thought it was a painting of the Predator in drag, along with a fleur de lys motif added as a nod to Detroit’s French past.

Anyway, I was wrong. While I was snapping the photo, I met the artist who did it, Chris Steve Coy. (He and his wife, Dorota Bilica, painted it together, but I didn’t meet her).  They’re also the artists behind the Hygienic Dress League, which you can read more about if you click on Chris’ name.

The mural I snapped isn’t finished, according to Chris Steve, and it’s not the Predatrix, it’s a woman in a gas mask. He’s a really cool guy.

The rest of my ride was much more of a pleasure having met him.  The chocolate chip cookie at the Avalon bakery helped, too.


Not the Predatrix

Happy 4th.  I will be back with Independence Day, Hood-Style, later.


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