Pimp your Pontiac

It started out cloudy on the TDH this morning, but a brisk breeze from the SSW has blown them away.  While it was still cloudy, this pimped out Pontiac brightened my morning.


Pontiac Sunfire: Non-standard paint color.

There’s an abandoned building on Agnes near Townsend I’ve always wanted. I don’t know why, as it is not a spectacular architectural achievement. Here’s a photo of it. (I have no explanation for the weird distortion)


Abandoned Building

It’s a former Detroit Public Library building.  Don’t know the exact age it was erected, but it was during a period of time when spelling “Public” “Pvblic” must’ve given it some kind of extra intellectual heft.


Detroit Pvblic Library

Should I find out if the city wants to sell it? Then restore it?  Someone should take the advice of the graffiti on the back of the building.


Go ahead. Take the plunge

Once I got all the way downtown, I passed this pimped out trailer.


Steve’s Transportable Restaurant

I was lucky enough to spend a moment with Steve himself.  I asked him what occasioned his mobile restaurant to be parked on Broadway. “It’s for a white party,” he said, and quickly added, laughing,  “I don’t mean white people. Everyone dresses in white.” I figured as much.

In case you were wondering about what to do the next time you’re bored, come downtown! Everything’s great!


A promise of a bright tomorrow

That’s it until next week.  I’ll be on the lookout for more sinkholes. If you spot one, please let me know.


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