No joy in Hockeytown meets mystery arrows.

The gloomy weather today seemed to capture Detroit’s deflated mood.  The mighty Red Wings struck out last night, losing Lord Stanley’s Cup to those miserable pipsqueak Penguins. When all the news is bad (as it is around here), having a winning sports team does a lot to lift our collective spirits. Losing just makes things hurt more.


The Hockeytown Cafe in full somber mode.

I saw a peculiar message drawn in the dust of a “For Lease” building on Grand River & Fort Street.  I hope you can make it out. I think this may have been directed at a Penguin Fan last night. Welcome to Detroit, where you have the option of being killed.


Thanks for the warning. (And the choice)

I also encountered some mystery directional arrows.  Aside from their brevity (see earlier post about Detroit’s “Chinablock“), they seemed to have been designed specifically to endanger pedestrians. First, they point you in the direction of oncoming traffic, then lure you around the corner into more oncoming traffic. Then they stop.  Why they’re there is a complete mystery to me. The three following photos capture the complete length of the “directions”.







Finally, some more mysterious graffiti.  I think Detroit’s new slogan should be: If it’s static, tag it. I’ve seen the “Gasm” tag before, but never in conjunction with Gasm’s new friends. I present to you the latest indecipherable grafitti on the TDH:


More mysteries: Elmer Porab Gasm

One more thing.  If you hurry, you can get a free hepatitis test at the church parking lot on East Grand Blvd & Lafayette.  (I asked what was going on) There’s a smoking DJ in action, too.


7 thoughts on “No joy in Hockeytown meets mystery arrows.

  1. There certainly haven’t been any new Porabs in quite some time.

    RIP to the dude, if that’s the case.

  2. Yeah i havent layed eyes upon any of the new porabs. he mustve been shot. .i met a man on belle isle that informed me that the porabgasm are one person. is this true???

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