Detroit’s ‘Chinatown’. Make that ‘Chinablock’.

欢迎您到汽车城!Who knew? Some time in the past, Detroit made a feeble attempt to turn one or two Chinese Restaurants into the beginnings of a “Chinatown”. It never took hold, but the effort’s remnants are still intact. (At least at one end of the block). Here’s Detroit’s “Chinablock” – It’s on Peterboro between Cass Ave and Second Blvd.


Welcome Chinatown – view from Cass Ave.

That’s it. One block. There are two closed (and closed for a long time) Chinese restaurants, an abandoned apartment building, some empty lots, and a semi abandoned crack house looking place.

You can tell they sort of gave up on the premise by the time they reached the end of the block. The “Welcome Chinatown” kiosk on Peterboro’s intersection with Second Blvd. is a much less welcoming entity.


Welcome Chinatown – view from Second Blvd.

I’m guessing this was also a “Welcome Chinatown” kiosk – but it’s only a guess based on shape and location. There’s no typography left.

Detroit appears to have a strange attraction for miniature versions of things other cities have in larger amounts. Chinablock is one, as is the 6/100ths of a mile-long bike path you can view here.

The good news is you’re just a few blocks away from the most excellent Avalon Bakery, where you can banish your thoughts of potstickers and sate your hunger with a chocolate brioche and a superb cappucino. (Just a suggestion).


3 thoughts on “Detroit’s ‘Chinatown’. Make that ‘Chinablock’.

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  2. what’s up.
    your commentary is snarky… as fuck. there are tons of information online about chinatown and your writing does a disservice to that trove of information and the memories that people hold… and it makes you sound too lazy to care to be detailed and compassionate.

    i hope you read some more about this place…

    excuse the profanity, but i feel it is necessary to highlight your comically topical investigation into this neighborhood. plus im putting in my real name and info… holla at me son 🙂

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