Kwality Kurb Konstruction

The streets of Detroit never fail to amaze. Here, for example, is a stretch of “curb”.  This has to be one of those “give the contract to my pal who’s never poured an inch of concrete in his life” deals. You can tell from the few bits that haven’t collapsed that it’s a pretty new curb. Just totally crappy work.


Detroit Curb

Lest you think all was grim on the TDH today, let me quash that bad vibe. I noticed a sign of hope on an otherwise empty building.


A Sign of Hope?

I passed by a parking lot that stopped me in my pedals. I’ve passed by it a number of times, but had never noticed the collection of bitchin’ Motown Metal before. This purple Caddy, for example:

purple cadillac

Cadillac in a Cadillac Color

Well, it turns out that it wasn’t something I had missed before. (Or, as my wife is fond of pointing out, “You’re smarter than you look.”) The vehicles in the lot were assembled for a MOVIE PRODUCTION. If you didn’t know, Detroit is fast becoming the Rust Belt Film Capital, thanks to some nifty tax advantages offered in desperation by the state to lure business – any business – to our Water Winter Wonderland, as our License Plates used to claim.

I did pass a lovely garden of Irises on Cass Avenue.


Irises. Please ignore burned-out building in the background.

It turns out this flower patch has a vegetable portion as well, and is, in fact, part of a part of the city I’d never known existed before:


Welcome to Birdtown (?)

On the return portion of today’s ride, I chose to go down on John R (yes, that’s the name of the street, for you out-of-towners) because it’s very nicely paved. I saw a building that must have been bursting with joy and hope when it was first opened:


Ladies & Gentlemen, I present the Helen Newberry Nurses (sic) Home

If I remember my Roman Numerals correctly, this was dedicated in 1898. To much civic pride, I imagine.  I wonder if they had any Spanish Flu victims twenty years later. Anyway, it’s boarded up now, much to my chagrin.  More tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Kwality Kurb Konstruction

  1. It looks like there may be a public hearing in July with regards to the Helen Newberry building. Here’s some info from CIty Council’s Planning committee agenda:
    Historic Designation Advisory Board – Submitting preliminary report relative to Proposed Helen Newberry Nurses Home Historic District; a single residential building located at 100 E. Willis at John R and Willis Avenue, within the Medical Center west of the Cultural Center; approximately one mile east of the city’s Central Business District; a study in accordance with Chapter 25 of the 1984 Detroit City Code and the Michigan Local Historic Districts Acts; therefore, in accordance with ordinance requirements, the Advisory Board may hold a public hearing as soon as July 2009.

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