Birthday Cycling on the TDH

Saturday was my birthday, and what birthday would be complete without a spin through the hood?  The only possible answer is none. First, I ate some cake.  Chocolate cake is an excellent source of cycling nutrition.4258_88609908853_765593853_2612564_2358741_nMister Arthur & The Lad Pre-Cake-Devouring

It was a beautiful spring day in the Motor City.  Most of my route follows long straight lines, with as few stop lights or stop signs as possible. The only problem with this is that the streets in Woetown are laid out so that they point into, or away from, the prevailing winds. So one way will usually be into a headwind. Fortunately, I left going upwind, and came back with a nice breeze at my back. Along the way toward downtown, I spotted what I believe to be the opposite of a Prison Breakout – in this case, an attempted  Liquor Store break in.  Looks like those crafty thieves had to scarper before they made it into the store.

img_0451The Great Break-In Attempt

I like graffiti for the most part, but some of it is simply too difficult for me to decipher.  As an example, here’s some on the walls of the school where my mom used to teach:

img_0443GasmFud, anyone?

I’ve ridden down this street, (Kercheval) weekend after weekend after weekend, and for the first time, I noticed there’s a four-block stretch with real, antique, streetlights. I am positive these are not some do-gooder phony “olde worlde” lamps, but are simply never-been-replaced-because-the-city-is-broke-models.

img_0444Original (?) Detroit Street Lamps?

Finally, somebody tagged the asphalt path at the Dequindre Cut (the Greenways cycling project about which I’ve written before).

img_0446Vomit Uno

No, I don’t know what it means, either.  Anyway, lovely day in the hood.


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