Tour de Hood Pothole Archaeology

Yogi Berra once said: “You can observe a lot just by watching”.  Or, in my case, by riding by it.  Today’s lesson: Every pothole tells a story, don’t it?

These two sister potholes are on Lycaste between Jefferson & Kercheval.


Pothole one


Pothole two

You see? Tracks upon which wheeled vehicles can travel.  There used to be trolley lines up and down Jefferson, so these could be part of our former trolley system. Or they could be a spur from the train tracks that still cross Kercheval and Jefferson just north of St. Jean.  Any railroad/trolley/Detroit history buffs want to weigh in with an opinion?

Closer to downtown, I noted this road hiccup, (on Concord near Lafayette) which reveals Detroit just as removed layers of ash reveal Pompeii.


History of road construction, exhibit one.

Looks like Concord Street used to be paved with what we call “Belgian Blocks” around these parts. Then they were patched with concrete, and finally, smothered in asphalt. I like the original better, myself. And you?

It was a beautiful day on the TDH.  Downtown was calmer, as the Michigan State Spartan Fans are gearing up for the Final Four Final Two. The NCAA needs a catchy phrase for the championship game: Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four….and then? Tremendous Two? Totally Awesome Two? Someone help me out here.

Enjoy your week. It’s supposed to snow here (4-6 inches) on Monday.

As someone (wish I could remember so I could give proper attribution) wrote recently, our State Motto ought to be “What did we do wrong?”  Indeed.


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