Tour De Hood Final Four Edition

Downtown was hopping with hopped-up college kids today. It was a nice day, too. The only problem was riding into a headwind all the way down to downtown.  A couple of things of note:

I found a large pothole just down the road from the former world champion.  Voila:



A Detroit-sized hole in the thoroughfare.

Next, two looks at the Unidentified Lying Object I showed you earlier.  I asked if any of you have a clue what it is (was). I got “fire hydrant” from a colleague, but that’s about it.  Maybe a couple of new angles will help.


The Unidentified Lying Object from a new angle

To give you an idea of the ULO’s scale, the bottom is made from a tire-less steel automobile wheel. Maybe that will help. Lord knows, I’m stumped.


Unidentified Lying Object – bottom view

Please leave your ideas in the comments.

The “Dequindre Cut” rails to trails project is open for the year. Right now, it goes from Woodbridge north to Gratiot.  And to celebrate the season, some new grafffiti has appeared. Here’s one rather delightful composition: Death with Grey Poupon.


“Never out of Mustard”

Finally, a sign put up to dress up an abandoned building for the final four tournament, in town through Monday.  When they started painting it, I saw an A , a space,  T, H, and thought someone was painting “Arthur” in honor of me and my blog. Alas, no, I am not the honoree. Instead, a stake in the ground stating what Detroit is.


Auth Enti City

The D! The D! Tomorrow morning I’m going to see what havoc the students wreaked after tonight’s basketball game.

That’s it for Saturday. Hope to get downtown & back before it starts raining and (egad!) snowing tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Tour De Hood Final Four Edition

  1. I am in concurrence with Dan on the Unidentified Lying Object as being some sort of punching dummy, but I would say it is more for practicing fighting the Robot from “Lost in Space” T.V. series than a man. By the way I am enjoying your blog, very humorous and educational. Keep up the good work.

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