Schwalbe tires are great

I love Schwalbe tires. I’ve used their Marathon slicks, my touring bike has their Marathons on it, and I just put a pair of Schwalbe Stelvios on my fixed gear.

The Stelvios feel great, are light, are pretty easy to install, and can be inflated to 145 lbs./sq. in. After a more reasonable time span, I’ll let you know how susceptible to flats they are. (They’re not supposed to be flat-resistant). Schwalbe isn’t well known here. I first encountered them on my bike ride across Spain. Every tourer seemed to have them on their bike. I had been a Michelin user, but since they’re not my company’s client any more, I’ve moved on. The Pro Races I had on my Pegoretti were flat magnets.

Schwalbe Tires are not widely distributed; I got mine from a slightly eccentric, but excellent bike shop in New Hampshire.  Peter White Cycles. Fast, friendly service, as they say in some ads…


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