Father’s Day Fun

Had a nice spin along the TDH for Father’s Day. Even though I went through downtown around 11:00 am, people were already gathering for today’s Tigers v Dodgers game. (I have no clue how they’re going to spend the two hours waiting). Took some new photos: Bunchys Chicken Biscuit (sic), Snyder Wholesale, and Zaccaro’s, a new Fine Food Emporium across the street from Atlas. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to transmit the photos from Spencer’s phone onto my laptop. I think I need “administrative” privileges, which my company will not give me. Noticed a gash in my tire, too.

The World’s Biggest Pothole (#2- see map) is still there, even though there appears to have been some major street repair in its vicinity.

The end for now.

Update: Got the pictures of Snyder Wholesale and Zaccaro’s. Les voila:

Here’s the storefront shot of Zaccaro’s sign:


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